Geomeshing Examples


Mesh developed using Bing Maps ServicesĀ® and Kriging interpolation algorithm. Everything was done online without visiting the site.

Pit Excavation

Pit excavation developed over a random topography. The pit shape was done using the Polygonal tool.

Earth Fill Dam

An earth fill dam, with three axis alignments, developed using the Dam tool. Notice the refinement area in the dam zone. The refinement reduced the elements size to 1/4 of its original size. The refinement was done in two stages using the Finer mesh tool.

Staged Construction

Geo Meshing can help developing construction sequences in no time. The image shows how Geo Meshing assigns different groups (colors) to each new meshed layer, thus each one of them can be sequentially actived, for simulating construction sequence. Also notice that downstream and centerline construction are no problem for Geo Meshing.

Bay Trestle

Geo Meshing can mesh irregular underground surfaces and it can also fill with horizontal layer when need it. Geo Meshing also can be set for perfect interaction with structural elements.